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This page is a website that publishes and provides sewerage register information managed by the Bureau of Sewerage, Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
The common name for the sewerage register information system is SEMIS. The mascot symbol of the Bureau of Sewerage is Earth-kun.


In the confluence areas of Ota and Edogawa Cities, there are some areas where rainwater cannot flow to the sewer pipelines. For other details such as connection method for drainage facilities, please contact the drainage facility personnel in the customer service section of the sewerage office concerned.
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(1)Notes on the use of facility plan (drawing with sewerage facilities listed)

  1. The Bureau of Sewerage strives to provide as accurate information as possible, but the drawing information (facility plan view: 1/500) provided by this service is not an accurate and detailed survey of the site. Also, when construction of sewers and construction of roads are carried out, the drawing and the site may not be consistent for a while. Therefore, when using this drawing for design or construction, etc., please use it after surveying and checking the location of the sewer pipeline in the field. Note that it cannot be used for purposes such as identifying land boundaries.
  2. Regarding sewer pipelines (drainage facilities) inside residential areas and private roads, they cannot be viewed because there is no material for personal property. Please check with the owner or user of the land or carry out a field survey.
  3. Depending on the location you are looking for, the map turns yellow and it may be displayed on the screen as "hidden area" with letters at the four corners of the drawing, and only the topographic map can be seen. Those who wish to investigate sewerage facilities in this non-displayed area should bring items (ex.: driver’s license) that can be used to confirm their identity, and come to the Register Reading Room, 27th Floor Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building No. 2 (8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku 2-chome).

(2)Notes on the use of this service

  1. The copyright of the copyrighted work in this service belongs to the Bureau of Sewerage, Tokyo Metropolitan Government unless otherwise indicated.
  2. The Bureau of Sewerage, Tokyo Metropolitan Government may change, delete or abolish the contents of this service without notice, or suspend or pause the provision of this service for maintenance, etc.
  3. The Bureau of Sewerage, Tokyo Metropolitan Government shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect losses or damages caused by the use of this service.

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